Paying the full fees of attorneys can be quite expensive not only for unique cases but also for everyday events that require a lawyer’s involvement. To make it easier for employees, spouses and students to be able to afford legal services, a number of attorneys offer Legal Resources plans. These are optional benefit plans that cover dependent children (up to the age of 19 or of 23 if enrolled as a student) as well as different categories of individuals including seniors, spouses and employees.

Covering a broad range of services, Legal Resources plans charge $16.5 per month via payroll deduction at $8.25 per pay period. This affordable option can allow anyone to access legal services for a wide variety of matters including:

  • Family law including uncontested divorce
  • Elderly law
  • Criminal law
  • General advice and consultation
  • Traffic violations
  • Civil actions
  • Matters of wills and estate planning
  • Reviewing and preparing routine legal documents
  • Consumer relations and credit protection
  • Identify theft
  • Real estate

Many law firms do not limit their legal services to these categories alone for the Legal Resources plan and may offer other additional services at a discounted rate. Pre-existing legal matters as well as any legal service that is not listed under exclusions, is fully covered. People taking advantage of this plan may however, be required to fulfill a one-year commitment with the law firm.

How to enroll in Legal Resources plan

Any person interested in this plan can enroll and will then be assigned to a participating law firm based on the enrollee’s home zip code. A welcome kit is then sent to their home address that includes member identification cards as well as comprehensive information about the assigned law firm. The enrollee can call the law firm at any time they need legal services by informing them of their membership.

At Lamaria Law Firm, P.C. we take all of our Legal Resources enrollees very seriously and respond immediately to their request for help. In addition, one of our many experienced paralegals will provide dedicated and on-going assistance for all covered matters and will address any other concerns.

How can new employees enroll?

New employees are requested to enroll in the Legal Resources plan within 60 days of the start of their employment. After enrollment, changes in existing coverage can be made in any qualifying event or during open enrollment. Employees can enroll in the plan online by visiting the website, entering their company code and password and completing the online enrollment form including the portion on dependents (if applicable).

How to make changes in coverage during open enrollment?

Changes in coverage can normally be made during the period of open enrollment. You can find out details about this period from our customer service representative. If applicable, you can visit the website and make coverage changes online using the same procedure as that required for initial enrollment.

While at Lamaria Law Firm, we strive to provide our Legal Resources beneficiaries the best of our services, one of the benefits of this plan is that the enrollee can change their law firm at any time they wish.